Value of a bachelors degree

Students will have the opportunity to take classes like designing recreation experiences, outdoor recreation management, quantitative literacy, human development across the lifespan, and recreation and park facility planning and management. A specialized MBA in project management, technology, health care administration or even leadership may be a great choice if you intend to continue in or shift towards a specific career.

The return on investment for going to college seems to be tremendous after looking at non-traditional factors, and the numbers certainly support any decision to attend a university.

But studies are like photographs: Employers recognize and value that difference, with the numbers clearly showing the value of a BSN to RNs on the job hunt. Students who attend community colleges in general end up paying around 1, USD for tuition annually.

Critical thinking and the ability to form an opinion based on the methods of deduction are also two other important skills one gets to acquire in the course of attending college.

30 Best Value Bachelor’s Degrees in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure

Going forward, students, employers and colleges and universities will need to consider how they can create a system that not only equips students for today, but also for tomorrow.

Up front cost is one of two major factors in student borrowing. Students in this program will learn to help their clients cope with new limitations by introducing them to a variety of recreational activities, including horticulture therapy, humor, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, tai chi, animal assisted therapy, and creative arts.

Options range from expensive for-profit institutions to free, online nondegree classes taught by Ivy League faculty through Udacity and Coursera and company-specific training classes such as Novell computer technology certifications or Microsoft certifications in cloud technology. In addition to the core business courses, students will take classes in sports and entertainment marketing, principles of travel and tourism, hotel and resort management, trade show and event marketing, sports psychology, and managing sports facilities.

This early training pays off huge dividends for students, said Kessner. Home What is the Value of a College Degree? In the long run attending college should be viewed as an investment that pays off later in life and contributes to a higher living standard.

Take Brianna Despenza, 18, an art major at the University of Michigan who grew up in New Orleans watching families struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Students entering the major must show proficiency in first aid and CPR and provide copies of their certifications prior to enrolling.

So Much for Bachelor's Degrees Not Having Value

While a college degree holds value and a great potential in itself there are other factors that could either diminish or increase that value — factors: The travel study program offers students the opportunity to study in Costa Rica, Australia, and New Zealand.

Students can minor in adventure education, which includes classes like adventure education leadership, adventure processing and facilitization, philosophy and theory of adventure education, and wilderness expedition. Some of these benefits include higher tax receipts, increased public awareness about important social issues, and lower unemployment, teenage pregnancy and birth rates.

Ojay McKendry is uniquely positioned to see the disconnect between legions of inexperienced college graduates expecting managerial jobs and employers unable to find the highly skilled workers they need. Transferring schools can be a major expense.

These programs are, or should be, the driving engine of the middle-skill workforce. So in many ways, two-year institutions are well-prepared to respond to this challenge. Students will take classes like recreation programming, and hospitality law.Statistically speaking, having a bachelor’s degree also make it more like you’ll get (and stay) married.

The Future of Bachelor’s Degrees. Bachelor’s degrees have become more common over the years. With about one-third of the population having a bachelor’s degree, having the degree alone does not guarantee employment.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business To get the most of a bachelor’s degree in business, it’s important to try and get a clear picture, or at least as clear a picture as you can, of what particular type you’d like to get in what industry after you graduate.

Apr 25,  · For a long time, the argument against earning a bachelor’s degree was largely a question of dollars and cents.

Everyone understood the value of a degree, but not everyone could afford one. It's become fashionable among some pundits and politicians to question the economic value of the bachelor's degree. But the latest unemployment figures, which show good hiring trends across the board, suggest to Bloomberg Business that there is one possible labor market problem for bachelor's degree holders: there may not be enough of them.

According to statistical data from The U.S. Census Bureau people with bachelor’s degrees earn nearly 2 million USD, associate’s degrees nearly million USD, and high school diplomas nearly million USD in the course of their careers. The substantial increase in salary is just one of the good reasons to consider acquiring a college degree.

On the contrary, bachelor’s degrees typically require four years of study; therefore, an associate’s degree can sometimes cost $80, less than a bachelor’s program.

Value of a bachelors degree
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